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Trekkers Blog Competition
15th June 2019

Photography Competition
30th June 2019

Audio Visual Competition
3rd July 2019


Theme: Water sources in the mountains

Includes: Waterfalls, Lakes, Dams, Backwaters, Streams, Rivers etc. Mountains and water are constant companions. Be it in the form of snow capped peaks or the clouds kissing the forehead of the mountain or the mighty glacier giving birth to perennial rivers; serene lakes or the ferocious falls pounding the earth from heaven; be it the springs and streams dancing on the rocky bosom of the valleys; they never fail to enchant our soul and fascinate our vision. They are one of the most incredibly beautiful gifts of nature.

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Audio Visual

Theme: Rock Climbing, Forts, Mountain Biking, Mountaineering in Sahyadri & Himalaya

Medium: Video Film, PPT Presentation etc.

Duration: 12 minutes maximum.

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Trekkers Blog Competition

Since this competition is for blogs in Marathi language the information is available in Marathi language.

विषय: गिरिभ्रमंती, दुर्ग, प्रस्तरारोहण, हिमालयीन मोहिमा, सह्याद्रीतील मंदिरे व लेणी

निकष: विषय मांडणी, भाषा, ताजेपणा, लिखाणातील तांत्रिक अचूकता, लिखाणातील सातत्य, ब्लॉग मांडणी

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Poster Competition

Information will be available soon

Study-Based Presentation

Information will be available soon